CGS 皇冠牌 – 空氣淨化機納米殺菌冷暖風扇 (AURA 01)


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連同AURA 納米過濾網 : 可過濾致敏原及污染物及阻隔極細少粒子; 可殺滅金黃葡萄菌及大腸桿菌。衛生安全

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CGS 皇冠牌空氣淨化機納米殺菌冷暖風扇 (AURA01)

呎吋: 闊158.5mm x 深164mm x 高253mm
重量: 1.1千克

  • 該裝置還具有防傾角功能和廣角加熱功能,機身可在 0至150度之間調節。
  • 當由於異常的工作環境或不正確的操作導致設備內部溫度過高時,它將自動關閉。 冷卻後,它將再次工作。
  • 廣角加熱 : 裝置可以廣角從一側到另一側提供溫暖的空氣。
  • 模式調整 : 產品具有暖風和自然風兩種模式,並且可以在強力和靜音模式下工作。
  • 連同AURA 納米過濾網 : 可過濾致敏原及污染物及阻隔極細少粒子; 可殺滅金黃葡萄菌及大腸桿菌。衛生安全。

CGS Air Multiplier Nano Purification and Sterilization Fan (AURA 01)

Size : 158.5mm (w) x 164mm (d) x 253mm (h)
Weight : 1.1kg

The product is designed with back power button and on/off button in the front for easy operation.
It is suitable for using in small areas like house and office.
This unit has an anti-tilt function and wide-angle heating and the body can be adjusted between 0 and 150 degree.
When the internal temperature of the device is too high due to abnormal working environment or incorrect operation, it will automatically shut down and will work again after cooling.
Wide angle heating : The unit could proivde warm air from side to side in a wide angle. Mode adjustment : It gives out two modes of warm and natural wind and can work in strong and sildent modes.
Together with AURA Nano Filter: the product can filter allergens and pollutants and block very fine particles. It also kills Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. It provides health and safety.

Place of origin : China 

送貨方式:CGS 商戶直送
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  1. 商戶(皇冠)提供上門送貨服務。客戶服務員會於下單約3個工作天內聯絡顧客安排送貨事宜 。
  2. 請注意此貨品的確實送貨日期由供應商(皇冠)直接安排,下單時所選擇的時間和快遞公司未能作準
  3. 如送貨資料有任何錯漏,可能會導致送貨有所延誤

皇冠牌空氣淨化機納米殺菌冷暖風扇 (AURA 01)